Maybe The Moon

Photo by Mikusovision

Karmen Kimball and Alex Lasner are two Californians who met at a party in 2012 and bonded so much over their mutual love of BRIAN FERRY and ROXY MUSIC that they got engaged a couple of weeks later. Which is probably something Ferry should put on his CV (Side-note: I would love to see BRIAN FERRY’s CV). They started making music as MAYBE THE MOON, and are spending 2015 releasing a series of singles. The Noise is the latest of these, following previous efforts Two Birthdays and Hammers See Nails.

Their music isn’t so stylistically reminiscent of FERRY’s, but it does occupy a similar night-time glow headspace and atmosphere. The Noise opens up with a sinister glitch beat and dark, gloomy synths. Kimball’s voice then joins the scene, full of an uneasy intensity that perfectly matches the musical backdrop. The Noise is loaded with seedy groove, the kind of track that’s so inherently nocturnal that listening to it in daylight feels a bit weird. But for anytime post-dusk it’s perfect.