mystical communication service - mcs - gypsy spirit

The ever evolving music project MYSTICAL COMMUNICATION SERVICE is fronted by the fictional Yanez Di Mompracem, and backed occasionally by his collection of eccentric and very non-fictional bandmates from various corners of the world (Venezuela, Israel, Japan and Canada). The collective is based in Berlin and already shared the stage with bands like THE SOFT HILLS, SPECTRUM. HAIGHT ASHBURY and the DUM DUM GIRLS.

MYSTICAL COMMUNICATION SERVICE is an amalgamation of wayward drifters, uniting to bring the long lost art and bygone spirit of classic music back to the mainstream music scene. With soaring guitars and drums deeper than heartbeats, they give their sound a touch of the Mississippi disco blues infused with the wanderings and wondering of nomadic gypsies searching for a long forgotten home. And with this their sound somehow reminds of bands like BALMORHEA or THE DOORS. Well, yes… THE DOORS. If they would have recorded another album it might have sounded like Gypsy Spirit, the title track of MYSTICAL COMMUNICATION SERVICE‘s upcoming album, which will be released in January 2014. Gypsy Spirit now got a wonderful dreamy video and with this the song gets named Sound of the Day on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION today. Enjoy!

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