mental model - analog electronic music - bipolar

MENTAL MODEL: From the deepest and blackest moments to the highest emotion in a rush.

Analog electronic music is back. Detroit style straight from Berlin!

Saturday needs a really good music. Music to dance to, to party to, but also to close your eyes to. Feels like electronic music would be the right thing tonight. But wait! These days almost every second musician is called electronic music artist. In times of computers, Ableton and tons of other software it’s not a big deal to produce electronic music, right? Not that artists who use computers and software aren’t good, but it’s a fact that the hurdle to produce music at all became quite low within the last years. Only very few artists still produce analog electronic music. Might be that they reject new technologies out of nostalgia, or they just reject it because they are nerds. In fact, it isn’t old-fashioned to produce electronic music analog. Not at all! May there even be a new movement in this scene? Who knows.

One thing is for sure: electronic music isn’t electronic music. There are huge differences in the way of how it gets produced, but also style, mood and of course quality (as in every other music scene too). And what about this act called MENTAL MODEL? They seem pretty new, but have been around in the techno, acid and house scene for quite a while. MENTAL MODEL are guys who love analog productions and who produce their music without computers. And the analog way fits them really well!

This year MENTAL MODEL released two vinyls which both sold out within a couple of days. On June, the duo will release their new EP titled Bipolar which will be another massive release straight from the Berlin electro scene. A seven-minute-preview can already now be listened. And with this saturday night has a soundtrack, one that reminds of the real Detroit sound! The “Sound Of The Night” comes from MENTAL MODEL. Close your eyes and dance…

On May 23rd, MENTAL MODEL will play a dj set at momentum #2 (at club Prince Charles, Berlin). If you are in Berlin: don’t miss this!