MERMONTE - Photo by Loïg Nguyen

MERMONTE – Photo by Loïg Nguyen

Mermonte - Audiorama - Album Cover 2014

MERMONTE – Audiorama

01. Jérôme Bessout
02. Karel Fracapane
03. Fanny Giroud
04. Gaëtan Heuzé
05. André Ludd
06. Mathieu Rouet
07. Cécile Arendarsky
08. Angélique Beaulieu
09. Cédric Achenza
10. Florian Jamelot

MERMONTE was created by composer and multi-instrumentalist Ghislain Fracapane. He wanted to write pop songs inspired by great artists like THE BEATLES, THE BEACH BOYS, THE CURE, TORTOISE, STEVE REICH, EFTERKLAND, SUFJAN STEVENS and many more. With help from his network of friends and musicians in Rennes, France, he began to record his first album in 2011. Luckily MERMONTE was not destined to remain the project of a single man in a studio. Quite soon, the project was brought on stage – with ten instrumentalists, coming from the most diverse disciplines (from classical music to death metal, punk rock and even gospel). The first live show ever was played in early 2012. In late 2012 MERMONTE already performed at France’s famous Trans Musicales Festival.

Now it’s time for Audiorama, the second album by the exceptional French band. On May 23rd the album will be released. Already now NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION gives you the chance to listen to Audiorama. Stream the entire album below and fall in love with the beauty of MERMONTE.