Shura - Three Years


After six years of silence the Danish pop avantgarde of MEW recently returned with their new album + –. A comeback that’s been highly anticipated and about which we also had a little chat with leadsinger Jonas Bjerre recently. In the wake of this new release, we already enjoyed a spacey video for Satellites. But now the band from Copenhagen has got some little special thing prepared for us in form of a new clip for their song The Night Believer.

Why Should I Watch This?

Because you want to witness the newest of MEW‘s little out there experiments. The video for The Night Believer contains material from exactly 1000 fans of the band, originating from 65 countries all over the world. Via the Microsoft app OneNote they had the chance to contribute their own ideas for song and video and the result comes as an eclectic mix of all those ideas. There’s space (again), there’s eggs and there’s a strange, polyphonic and multimedia choir. You get the idea where this is going. It’s an interesting project and turns out to be quite enjoyable too.

Anything Else?

If you wanna find out more about the project, there’s also a make of video that can be watched right here. Apparently, Microsoft has had a great deal of influence on this project which is obvious because of the app that’s been used. And hey, artists gotta make end’s meet these days. Still it gives MEW‘s lyrics (Are You Still On The Right Side?) a slightly questionable spin. Anyways, enjoy the interesting clip below.