In the wake of current political events it makes quite some sense that M.I.A. isn’t yet retiring from the music business although she previously stated that 2016’s AIM album would be her final one. Now, she’s back with a stunning new music video for the pumping one-off tune P.O.W.A. The track is obviously an arty statement against Trump’s border policies and his ambitions to build that freakin’ wall between the USA and Mexico. Oh, and she’s also making sure to not be compared with other mainstream pop artists as she sings:

‘I’m not Rihanna, I’m not Madonna, I’m not Mariah or Ariana/I’m been around in this world causing drama/The real spice girl, hot girl power.’

That’s the M.I.A. we love. Watch her self-directed P.O.W.A. video right here.