Mode Moderne - Occult Delight - Video

It’s 1am and your friends look like they want to quit the party. Bleak. Hailing from Canada, MODE MODERNE are the perfect cure to the post party blues. Occult Delight provides the perfect soundtrack for late night chill outs and post party hangouts. Sharp guitar twangs melt into strong deep vocals making Occult Delight sound like Nick Cave is fronting a GANG OF FOUR-track tinged with a hint of JOY DIVISION’s melody. Which is of course an amazing sound to master.

The video accompanying the track, directed by Jordan Utley, visualises this post party fun and materialises the deep, majestic sound that Occult Delight encompasses. A release from their 2014 record by the same name, Occult Delight is a perfect post party track, chilling and stirring. The album is out now on Light Organ Records and is available for download via iTunes.