moon prototype - modern is a journey by car - album cover 2013

During a full moon night the electro / triphop artist MOON PROTOTYPE was born in France. He mixes electronic sounds, mystery, sensuality and bitterness with bittersweet vocals. Is there another possibility than listening to his tunes with eyes half closed? Probably not! The ancestry takes place in the world of its creator, Olivier Jung, the man behind MOON PROTOTYPE.

In fall 2013, after fifteen years of existence, MOON PROTOTYPE unveils Modern Life Is A Journey By Car. An album with fifteen new songs packed into an amazingly cinematographic album. Fifteen years made of depressions and joys now show the strong beliefs into evil and good. This is the vision of the world Olivier Jung has. At the same time these fifteen years stand for free access to his music via the internet. The fifteen songs on Modern Life Is A Journey By Car were built with the help of artists like Gregoire Fray (THOT), Nicolas Chapel (DEMIANS), David Husser (Y FRONT, LTNO, MUMBAI QUEEN) and Aurélie Jung (YAKCH’E).

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION now brings you the album stream of MOON PROTOTYPE‘s new album Modern Life Is A Journey By Car, an album with fifteen anthems of noise and passion, fifteen paintings of black and white. Enjoy!



MOON PROTOTYPEModern Life Is A Journey By Car


01. Introspection
02. Coal In My Eyes
03. My Name Is The Lord
04. Keep Everyone Afraid
05. The Passage
06. Expression Of Bliss
07. Celebration
08. This Dream Is My World
09. The Sinner
10. It’s Better To Burn Out Than To Fade Away
11. The Challenge
12. The Last Straight Line
13. Modern Life Is A Journey By Car
14. Staying in Motion
15. Dead Man


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