motek sonder

MOTEK are back. Yes, you heard that right. Belgium’s leading post-rock formation has finally broken its three-year vow of silence, and they’ve done it with a bang. Ambitions, Friends, Routines, Worries And Inherited Craziness is a new song from the bands upcoming fourth album Sonder, to be released October 7th via Asthmatic Whale and dunk!records. MOTEK will be presenting the album during a special introductory event in Ghent, Belgium on the 2nd of October, and, just like in the good old days, the show will be accompanied by a set of made-to-measure visuals.

While one could argue that the title of the new song is just an extract from the definition of “sonder”, as described by “The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows”, the sound itself is fresh, and more intense than ever. If you are ready for the 7-minute-journey into the subterranean depths of epicness; press play.