It’s not that easy to find out something about MOUNTAINS LEAD NOWHERE. The mountains in the band name might at least lead to the Austrian origin of this young band. We also know that it consists of bandleader, multi-instrumentalist and singer David Maier, drummer Josef Schmiderer, Johannes Kaufmann (keys), Pia Hager (synths) and Lisa Maier (percussions).

The instrumental equipment evokes certain ideas of their sound and expectations. And of course MOUNTAINS LEAD NOWHERE is not the first collective that goes the musical way of combining electronic arrangements with drums and guitars. So it’s up to the band to prove that it deserves a cross on the summit somewhere in the musical mountains. MOUNTAINS LEAD NOWHERE do this with confident conviction and by using their instruments well-directed. Precise synth details and rock sumptuousness in the right place. We are looking forward to their debut album Receding Silence that will be released on the 11th of June 2013 on Lamb Lane Records.

Since the best way to get to know a band is to listen to what it has up in its sleeve, we say nothing else but let the music and the pictures speak. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION exclusively premieres MOUNTAINS LEAD NOWHERE‘s video for Pure White Snow. Watch the magnificently illuminated black-and-white piece..

mountains lead nowhere