Okay folks, usually we would skip something like a new music video by rap artist YOUNG THUG for multiple reasons. First, we’re very picky when it comes to rap music as there are way too many mediocre MC’s out there and second, well, YOUNG THUG might be one of them. And although being quite successful in the US recently his flow and beats are pretty much … how do you say that?… pretty meh.

Anyway, but now him or his management or whatever released a music video for Wyclef Jean (great choice for a track name, btw) and it turns out to be the first great music video of 2017 as it offers a great insight into the weird microcosm of this up and coming rap star. Director Ryan Staake got briefed by the artist via Snapchat prior to the shoot, resulting in a lot of crazy ideas but since Staake got a long history of doing rap videos a creative suggestion like ‘put b*tches in kiddie cars’ didn’t seem to odd for him.

But then, YOUNG THUG never showed up for the shoot and the director had to stick with the crazy concept ideas, unable to create a proper music video out of it. After all, he turned the weakness into strength and now released the entire Wyclef Jean video together with his comments, the initial briefing by the rapper as well as his weak attempts to shoot his own video footage. The result is insanely funny and an outburst of ridiculous dubiousness. For those of you questioning if there is still money left in the music industry and whether it is spent wisely – here’s your answer. We don’t even know where to begin. Just watch the whole goddamn thing right here, would you be so kind? Peace Out!