Mykki Blanco ScreenshotContext?

Causing a bit of a stir in the music landscape MYKKI BLANCO has just released her new video to her song Coke White, Starlight. Being transgender and noted for the inspiration she pulls out of the riot grrrl scene, the California rapper really tries to provoke her audience with her new video, to think about the more darker side to the gay scene so to wake the LGBTQ community up to the dangers of current trends through-out the scene.

Speaking to Dazed, BLANCO describes her more in depth motives for the video like this:

‘Right now in London and New York there is a bit of an epidemic going on with loads of gays taking drugs and having chemsex sessions. The hedonism is so 80s, but the whole thing is extremely lonely and unhealthy, with most of it happening on gay hook-up apps. I get tired of the ‘World Against the Homosexual’ motif, so I wanted to make reference to how the LGBTQ (community) can also eat itself alive sometimes rather than unifying.’

Why Should I Watch This?

The close to 8-minute video is more like a short film than a music video and directed by Tristan Patterson. It involves BLANCO barefaced, then with full on drag makeup, drugged up in some dingy hotel room. The video cuts scenes a few times, with the artist fighting her way through a forest landscape then diving deep into the ocean to hunt an octopus. At the end, the video lets us know that the story is to be continued, leaving us intrigued for what’s next.

Anything Else?

Just having dropped her new collaboration album C-Ore with her new label Dogfood, Coke White, Starlight sure won’t be the last track on the album that will make people listen. The refreshingly honest attitude how MYKKI BLANCO goes about addressing issues that need to heard will surely keep her on the radar for 2016.