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Angeliki Kotronis and Angeliki Ntaoutis (also known as Myksa) were full of surprises with their totally unexpected answers to my questions. This was surely one of the most interesting interviews that I’ve done (or read) so far – if not the most interesting. The two angelic ladies (they are both named after the name Angeliki) are beyond smart. Are you ready to learn about new things, chuckle and drool over their designs? Let’s dive into their fantasy world where their muse – a living creature that looks like an ordinary woman – reads them poems to inspire them.

Short note: If you think that it’s a paradox that they are designing Faux Furs when hailing from Greece, you clearly have no clue about the Greek winter.

First things first, why did you choose the Greek word for snot as the name of your brand?

First of all, we have to say that the concept of our brand is based on humor and irony. Of course the brands’ name is more than that. When we were searching for a name, we wanted something different, eccentric and most important, something that would make the recipients both smile and contemplate. The sound of ‘Myksa’ was perfect. It’s easy for the foreigners to pronounce and it comes with a diverse meaning for the greeks. According to the dream book dreaming of snot means liberation from oppressions and stereotypes. And that’s the whole point of Myksa. Living our dream and externalizing our creativity…freely.

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The two fabulous masterminds of Myksa.

How did you meet? How did you decide to start a brand together?

We met about 7 years ago while both studying in different fields. We always had the same point of view on Fashion and the love for it, but back then we couldn’t imagine that Myksa would ever exist. After, both turning our careers to Fashion, we started talking about the possibility of our own Fashion Brand and slowly built the concept and the core of it. The launch of the Brand was an ‘it’s now or never’ decision which we are glad we made.


Why fake furs? Well, here at NBHAP we very much applaud you for this, but some might ask.

The decision of Faux Furs being the identity item of the Brand came after thinking as consumers. Being both fur lovers, we ‘hunted’ these fake animals throughout Europe trying to find the right fur in the right price. But we didn’t succeed. So, we just decided to manufacture them. Of course, the materials could not be anything else but synthetic. We both have a great love for animals. Also, nowadays synthetic materials have such a high quality that makes real fur replaceable. From a Fashion point of view, we believe that Faux Fur is a key item in your wardrobe. It’s a way for you to feel sexy, warm and funky throughout winter. They are so easy to wear, even in Greece. Wear them with just a pair of jeans, sneakers, t-shirt and you are ready to go!

Your furs are loud, fun and pop. Who’s the typical customer of Myksa?

For sure, Myksas’ placement is like that (loud, fun and pop), but it’s all an illusion. This is only the way we communicate our products, trying to show the Brands identity and point of view. In fact, there is no typical customer for Myksa. Every gal can find a garment that will suit her personality and style. And here is where poetry comes in the Brands’ concept. Every garment is accompanied with a poem of a Greek or international artist. For us poetry is the ultimate form of Art, due to the fact that its result has to do with the various personalities of the recipients. So, we see our products as poems. The consumer will decide how to use it, how to style it, giving a completely different result every time.

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Well, isn’t that beautiful?! Have you ever thought of creating a different line, like fur shirts or something? It sounds cute and flaffy – I’d buy it.

Of course we would like to enrich our collections with various items, in the future. But, until now our priority was to refine our product for our customers. In our upcoming A/W 16 Faux Fur collection, we feel confident that this goal has been succeeded, so from now on you can expect a lot from us. Therefore, Myksa Brand is not only Faux Furs. In our S/S collections you can find unique easy to wear total looks. Our S/S15 collection will be launched this spring and we are very excited about it.


What or who is your inspiration? Do you have a muse?

One of our basic inspirations is Art in all of its forms. Besides Poetry, Photography-artistic illustrations and music are incredible inspirational sources. Therefore, we are fascinated by myths and legends, nature and all its greatness and of course irony/humor. Our muse is a fantastic creature that evolves in every project and adapts at the circumstances. She’s a living creature open to change, destiny and life. She’s an ordinary contemporary woman.

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What’s the working process that you follow?

For starts, Myksa Team is consisted from two Creative directors, Angeliki Kotronis (Fashion Designer) and Angeliki Ntaoutis (Fashion Stylist). The team never stops researching, reading and collecting deposits for our ‘inspiration bank’. When the time comes Angeliki Kotronis gives a general project line and the brainstorming of the team begins. Together we build the final project and collection. Afterwards, comes the pattern making and the sample manufacturing, a really intense and exciting time for the team. In parallel, Angeliki Ntaoutis gives a general styling and photo shooting line and the brainstorm begins ones more. The team again works together and builds the photo shoot. Also, Myksa Team does all the illustrations and graphics of the projects in an attempt to communicate as clear as possible the emotion of our work.

Where do you see yourselves and your Myksa in – let’s say – five years from now?

Easy. We would like to see Myksas’ total look collections ‘walking’ around the globe! We would like to see our company growing as fast as our creativity. Also, multispace Myksa boutiques would be a cool idea. For sure, our team has a lot of ideas and goals for the near and far future.

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Do you have a crazy dream collaboration that even the thought of it brings a big smile on your faces?

Collaboration with Fashion Designer Ashish would be fun. We have the same point of view and our projects are usually linked in a way which we find strangely amusing. Creating a project with him would be really interesting and we are sure that the result would be amazing.

Last but not least, our theme question: Our magazine is called ‘Nothing But Hope And Passion’. What do you think about that? Do you agree/disagree with our motto?

Your motto is very inspiring. Passion is a very important ingredient in life and people tend to forget. It’s an adrenaline pump that makes you seek perfection and have fun at the same time. It makes you desire in an enthusiastic way. And because it’s used for romance and sexual desire it makes it sexy. It suits Myksa for sure. Hope is an optimistic attitude towards life. Myksa agrees with this attitude and always expects with confidence and cherishes its desires with anticipation.

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All photos are courtesy of MYKSA. Find them on facebook and shop on tictail. Also check out their inspirational mood board on tumblr.