The lately embosomed Austrian electro pop twins Giovanna and Mario aka MYNTH report back with a new video. And as we already outed ourselves as big fans of their music, we are more than glad to be able to present to you today the clip for the song Friends exclusively here on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.

In contrast to their already impressively atmospheric first video for the song Nightlight, the duo decided to head into a different direction now with Friends. Thus, we actually get to see Giovanna this time, performing in a visually nothing less captivating but much more stylized setting. The video (shot by Rupert Höller and Berhard Wenger) includes strings and some interesting light effects as well as an encounter with a giant spider. A truly challenging shot as we heard that Giovanna is actually scared of spiders. But hey, no art without suffering, right?

The song is part of MYNTH‘s debut EP Polar Night which came out earlier this year and has been accomplished in the twilight of Norway’s winter in 2014 by the band and producer Alexander Wieser. It’s an elegantly polished piece of ambient pop and if MYNTH decide to stay on the track they’ve chosen so far, we have no doubt about a bright future for them. The duo’s currently working on their first full-length but until that arrives, enjoy MYNTH‘s fine new video right here.