mystical communication service

Jim Morrison will always be alive. In some form or other. Apart from numerous enthusiastic THE DOORS cover bands his spirit seems to be very dynamic as well. Recently he seems to haunt the band members of MYSTICAL COMMUNICATION SERVICE – there is no other explanation for their latest piece Hoping Wondering that sounds like Morrison let go his drug-caused apocalypic mood and joined the band for a crazy jam session.

MYSTICAL COMMUNICATION SERVICE‘s psychedelic almost instrumental song Gypsy Spirit was Sound of the Day last year, now Hoping Wondering succeeds it because we just can’t ignore this great song and the funny video that goes with it.

Boths songs can be found on the EP Gypsy Spirit that was released earlier this year. MYSTICAL COMMUNICATION SERVICE really got it – the Gypsy Spirit. The sextet around frontman Yanez di Mompracem (which is a fictional name) comes from all over the world and met more or less accidentally. Now the members live in Berlin – the melting pot for freaks, outsiders and those who are in search of… whatever.

Light a candle on the Lizard King’s shrine and then join MYSTICAL COMMUNICATION SERVICE on their panda mission.