Nadine Shah - Fool - Video

British artist NADINE SHAH has shared her latest music video for the track Fool. The song marks the second teaser off her forthcoming new album Fast Food, following the previously released Stealing Cars. It’s a stylish performance video, including plenty of friends from the singer.

NADINE SHAH on the video: ‘We got a bunch of our friends together and took over the back room of a social club in South London. We got everybody drunk on wine (that my best friend brought with her in suitcases) and I attempted to teach them a dance routine. In hindsight, I probably should have taught them the routine before the wine. Either way, I think they all look great. I’ve got a beautiful looking bunch of weirdos for friends.’

The new album arrives on April the 6th via Apollo Records. Watch the video right here.

Alternative video link right here.