Natalie McCool - Press

NATALIE McCOOL is an immaculately-coiffed singer and guitarist from Liverpool. She’s previously worked with former SUEDE guitarist Bernard Butler and released a set of well received singles that slowly but steady started to gather a bit more attention. And as always NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is quite happy to fire up the buzz a bit more as the young talent returns with her new track, Pins.

McCOOL’s latest releases saw her move away from the crunchy guitar sound of her earlier music, and Pins is a continuation of that trend. The track is a smooth, pulsing piece of very modern pop music in the style of HAIM. Different sound textures slip in and out of focus, while NATALIE McCOOL’s brittle lyrics (‘You’ve stuck like a splinter in my finger, You know how much damage there is to be done’), delivered in a delicate coo, prick at the listener’s consciousness. Pins is the first release from a new EP the singer plans to release in the first half of 2015.