nelly-furtado-2016Beloved US popstar NELLY FURTADO has remained silent for a while now following her 2012 album The Spirit Indestructible which recieved mixed critics. She appeared on BLOOD ORANGE‘s critically acclaimed Freetown Sound album this year and now also shared Pipe Dreams, a first track off her comeback album The Ride.

The surprisingly soulful piece of mellow pop comes in combination with a tender lo-fi video. Like the whole album the new NELLY FURTADO piece was produced by John Congleton (ST. VINCENT, EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY). It looks like the artist heads for a more quality-based direction this time and that itself is highly enjoyable. The Ride will be released on March 3, 2017. Find the tracklist below the artwork.


‘The Ride’ – Tracklist

01. Cold Hard Truth
02. Flatline
03. Carnival Games
04. Live
05. Paris Sun
06. Sticks and Stones
07. Magic
08. Pipe Dreams
09. Palaces
10. Tap Dancing
11. Right Road
12. Phoenix