Nessi - Photo by Bella Lieberberg

Photo by Bella Lieberberg

It’s a new day of a new year, the first Monday of 52 more to come in 2015, and we are more than excited to fill another yet blank book, page after page, with eventful, touching, thrilling, and joyful stories about this melodiously pulsating life. This metaphor is to be taken literally, of course, for we are passionate writers who love sharing words and thoughts with you, but also figuratively, thinking of the book of life, that each of us has to fill all individually.

But let’s be real: we are all vulnerable and sometimes this life kicks ass! Thankfully, Berlin-based singer/songwriter NESSI found the perfect words and the most catchy tunes to describe this feeling of being blown away by fate’s forces. This song is really the cat’s meow! You can virtually feel the positive energy running through your body, fuelling you with mental strength in order to cope with difficulties as the happen. Cause in the end, besides all the melancholy and emotions that we – now and then – enjoy to drown in, a healthy and optimistic mind set is eventually the key to a well-lived life. Her full-length debut by the same name will be released on January 23rd. Until then follow suit this beautiful and strong woman and dance through the streets of your lifetime as you listen to Rolling With The Punches!