Netanya - 2013

Berlin-based rock band NETANYA release their debut album “We Are One Two Three” on June 7th 2013. Since the band is a very promising and interesting one, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION sat down with Micha Kaplan, the founder of the band, to find out more about NETANYA. In the interview he talks about the band’s roots, their album “We Are One Two Three”. influences and of course hope and passion. Enjoy the interview with NETANYA.

Were you born in Netanya?
I lived till’ the age of six in the desert – southern Israel, then we moved to Netanya. With 20 years old moved to Tel Aviv and since the year 2000 I am living in Berlin.

NETANYA - we are one two three - ALBUM_COVER

NETANYA‘s debut album “We Are One Two Three” will be released on June 7th 2013

It took you quite some time to finish the album „We Are One Two Three“, how does it feel to have it done now?
Yes, the album took almost 3 years to produce, many times work flow was interrupted due to other projects, I also noticed that the long cooking process did good to the songs. Obviously it feels great, time to move on for new stuff…

What sound can people expect?
When I started working on the album I did not have a band around me therefore the album turned into a true eclectic salad, each song was recorded and produced differently and with other musicians.
The live shows are different, we still maintain the NETANYA eclectic flavor but it’s wrapped and served in a more rock&roll attitude.

You worked with a lot of artists with different musical backgrounds on the album, how did you manage to bring them together? And would you do it again or do you prefer to do things on your own next time?
Choosing the guests was easy, I invited my friends and the people around me, recordings were done in Berlin and in Tel Aviv. For the next NETANYA album we would record with band – we have a lot of new songs and we already plan the second album.

What do “hope” and “passion” mean to you?
“Passion” is the source which I define when I connect to my basic energy in order to accomplish my desires. Once I am connected “hope” becomes less relevant, then I just do what makes me feel happy/right etc…

NETANYA – “Sick Boys”