never sol

Sára Vondrášková, known by her stage name NEVER SOL, is a Czech singer and composer based in Prague. After studying music for 8 years at the conservatory, Vondrášková got the offer to play constantly at one of the most vibrant Bohemian venues in Prague at Café V Lese. It didn’t take long until Czech producer Jan P. Muchow noticed the singer and started working with her on the debut album Under Quiet. Now, two years later, Under Quiet is ready and set for being released on May 16 via Denovali Records.

The song Femme Fatale is taken off this promising record and our Sound of the Night. It starts with some carefully struck piano keys, then intensifies its instrumental web to let NEVER SOL‘s voice settle on it like a spider waiting for its next victim. ‘Why can’t I be your femme fatale?’, she asks, matching the attraction of her voice. Halfway she withdraws, just to return a few seconds later and finally hypnotize you. In the end this femme fatale has wrapped you. You are lost but you are smiling happily.

Listen to Femme Fatale below. If you dare.