Never Sol - 2014Czech singer Sára Vondrášková aka NEVER SOL got a new beautiful song out. The gentle Time Walk With Me is another reason to take a closer look on this talented young singer. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION recently also featured her track Femme Fatale as ‘Sound of the Night’. The new song by Vondrášková is quite an experiment as she states.

The singer on her ambition: ‘This song was made specially for a project connecting light, glass and sound. Everything you hear in this track is only voice. Besides melody and harmony line I was layering my voice or it’s fragments and made loops or samples of it wich than create rhythmic section or they stand for another function or instrument. The glass and light was created based on the voice parts- the light fills the glass as the harmony and melody changes.’ You can witness the new NEVER SOL track right here.