Deftones 2012

Rock heavyweights DEFTONES are currently in the studio, recording the follow-up to their 2012 record Koi No Yokan. Now frontman Chino Moreno talked with Rolling Stone magazine and gave a little update on the current status of the anticipated new DEFTONES album.

‘The songs are amazing, and we wrote them in a really cool way,’ Moreno explains. ‘We had all of us in a room together with one person expressing an idea and another person jumping on it,’ he continues. ‘The songs are really built as a collective. We have five guys who have almost completely different takes on music, so when it works, it works great.’

The singer promises a bit more ‘heady record’ this time as he explains: ‘It definitely feels like we’ve taken a step from our last record.’ Still, fans of the group can be relaxed as it still is a typical DEFTONES album, although the band tried to think ‘outside the box’ this time. No words yet on when to expect the new album but hopefully before the year is over.