The second single from the rising Swede-Pop star was released last month but we already told you about that. Today, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to bring you the exclusive debut of the accompanying official video after much circulation of the track’s progressive, feminist message. INGRID WITT has been compared to artists such as ROBYN and FEVER RAY and is the newest member in a line of great Scandinavian electro-pop artists.

The song questions and challenges expectations of traditional roles placed on women. In the video, we see WITT performing on a stage in several roles for a solitary, unknown audience member. These scenes are juxtaposed against the artist, alone in her dressing room, dismantling the traditionally beautifying accoutrements that we can assume she is feeling pressured to wear.

The video thus presents a dialogue between the singer and unknown forces (presumably that of society). As WITT negotiates this dialogue, she remains triumphant and demonstrates confidence in her choices as she resists this external pressure. Here’s what the artist has to say about it:

‘This is the first music video I have ever made, and I am extremely proud of it. I’ve had this vision in mind for years, to shoot at this theatre, and finally it happened. Since I am not backed up by a label, or did or a big budget at all for this video, I did not expect that it would turn out this good when I was starting to look around for film makers. Then, I was extremely lucky to meet director Robin Günther, who liked my ideas, and put together a team of amazingly talented people.

I really had to be a hustler to make this happen, but I liked it so much that if my music career goes to hell, making films will be my plan B. I wanted to make a video that was not typically stylistically pure and Scandinavian, but something colourful and cinematic. I think we succeeded and I really hope that people will like it.’

Witness it in its entire beauty below.