bombee - ls

Tonight’s “Sound Of The Night” is a song that was already released back in 2011 but still is a musical jewel at its best. _______LS appeared on BOMBEE‘s latest album Parallels which is a dramatically underrated album by a band that will hopefully have a bright future.

When I saw the band some weeks ago at one of their shows the lyrics of the hypnotic and minimalistic song didn’t leave my head for days or even weeks. Just listen to BOMBEE‘s _______LS and you will understand why the song is a night-topic and why you can’t stop listening to it. And last but not least you will know why this song deserves to be named “Sound Of The Night” even if it was already released two years ago.

Holding on till the end of the world.
You kept my love, treat me right,
never run out of sight.

Riding on till the end of the road.
You catch my tears, fell in love,
midnight hour in a grove.

Take on me. Take the fire off my mind.

Currently BOMBEE are working on their new record which will be released later this year. Some new material was played during their tour in February – expect different but still amazingly melancholic and mind-blowing new material by these people from Chemnitz, Germany. BOMBEE are one of the biggest musical jewels this city currently has (besides PLAYFELLOW and of course KRAFTKLUB).