huoratron - crystal castles - sad eyes

HUORATRON‘s remix of CRYSTAL CASTLESSad Eyes” is darker than dark…

Nights can be pretty much like everything. From dark to bright, from depressive to dancy, from sad to happy. And music can be all this too. When CRYSTAL CASTLES released their latest album, III, they brought together all this. Dancing with sad eyes and forgetting everything around, at least for a moment. Now the Finland’s rave monster HUORATRON remixed the song Sad Eyes and brought the madness to the next level. Probably the highest level possible. Can a song be darker as night without moon? Yes it can be! HUORATRON just proved it by remixing CRYSTAL CASTLES. Only strobe light brings light into the dark. The perfect song for a dark club night when you want nothing but to rave away your sad eyes and bad thoughts.

HUORATRON‘s remix of CRYSTAL CASTLESSad Eyes might be more a rework than a remix, since he only uses some elements of the original song and replaces melodies with nasty synths, but both can be taken for granted: he made the song his own and he made the song NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s “Sound Of The Night”.