Nils Frahm - Photo by Michael ONeal

Photo by Michael ONeal

One year ago, NILS FRAHM announced March 29 to become the annual Piano Day to celebrate the importance of his favourite instrument in the cultural life of our society. Back then he presented us a surprise album called Solo, today he shares a free EP with four leftover songs from those sessions, called Solo Remains. Due to the leap year Piano Day is happening on March 28 this year. FRAHM is also giving away a free piano to a community center in Berlin, encouraging others to donate pianos in a similar way. You can find more details on the official Piano Day website.

About Solo Remans he states:

In the end, every album production leaves you with the same tough task ­ making the choices for the final track selection. You leave out some tracks for various reasons: some of the tracks are wonderful by themselves, but they simple don’t fit anywhere in the album and others have to be left out because otherwise the vinyl would become too long for a cut in good quality. However, these outtakes are often as important as the final selection and I thought, they might be a great surprise for Piano Day too. I hope in this case, it’s both…

You can grab the EP for free right here and enjoy the song Him from it below. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION recently also interviewed the composer about his new band project NONKEEN.