noah kin

Looks like there’s a vowel-thief around who steals the decisive letters out of lyrics and bandnames. Reported cases are Belgian indie-rockers BRNS, electronic trio DNKL, producer SBTRKTASBJØRN‘s song R Y B and CHVRCHES, who could at least save the ‘e’. To point this problem out to you, the ‘sound of the day’ is RBLS by latest victim NOAH KIN.

While the rapper’s third solo album Now You See came through today’s release without damage, the vowels of the single RBLS are still missing. But the thief has picked an argument with the wrong person. NOAH KIN might be only 19 years old, but if you watch the video for RBLS, there is no doubt: this guy means business. Besides the Finnish-Nigerian hip-hop talent has the backing of a growing fan base and those who survive Helsinki’s harsh and dark winters, are tough fellows anyway.

‘So you call yourself a rebel?’, thief? You better wrap up well, otherwise you could have the same fate like those bananas in the video below.