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It’s hope and passion what you need a lot of to survive in music these days!


The London-based electronic music band NYPC – formerly known as NEW YOUNG PONY CLUB – was formed in 2004, consists of Tahita Bulmer, Andy Spence, Sarah Jones, and is just about to release their third album, which is simply named NYPC. In an interview with Wessex Scene they told that their understanding own music is marring “the dance tethic with the pop ethic, and make something that you can dance to and sing along to.”. Interesting to see how the band developed and changed over the last (almost) ten years. So NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION sat together with the band to talk about their upcoming album (out October 7th), the change from NEW YOUNG PONY CLUB to NYPC, electronic music, the moment of their career they are most proud on and of course hope and passion.

You just released your new single “Hard Knocks”. How is the response so far?
It’s been pretty good. It’s massive when we play it live.

On Ocober 7th your debut album as NYPC will be released. What is the main difference between this album and the previous album “The Optimist” you released with NEW YOUNG PONY CLUB?
I guess the main difference is that it is more electronic than the previous album with barely any guitar on it.


NYPC: “We wanted a new beginning.”



What made you go from NEW YOUNG PONY CLUB and start NYPC?
We wanted a new beginning. A fresh start is always good. The new album is a new different sound. Stylistically we’ve changed too so we just felt we should acknowledge this with a change in name.

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NEW YOUNG PONY CLUB consisted of five other members. What happened that they left the band?
Hahaha. Where did you hear that they quit? Funny. The two of us have always been the creative force behind NYPC. We changed bass player several times since we began in 2005 and Lou got too busy with her band TOMORROW’S WORLD. Sarah is still a part of NYPC playing, recording and even co-writing a bit with us too.

What drove you to the electronic field of music?
We’ve both loved electronic and more importantly dance music since we were kids. Dance music started from funk, soul, hip-hop and disco. These sounds are very present in both our collections and inspired us a lot. We have followed that through to a sound that is now generally called electronic.


NYPC: “Our music is emotional and edgy.”



You are inspired by a lot of different bands, especially within post punk and new wave, but you always wanted to create your own sound. What makes your music unique?
It is our voice and only our voice. Our music is emotional and edgy. We come from different backgrounds musically and the place where they meet is quite special we think.

Your music consists of many instruments, do you have any special instruments you love the most?
There is a Melodica on our new album which is a new sound for us. Ty just picked it up and played this riff which sounded great. She has to play it live now though.

You all played for a few years now, has it been hard to get where you are today?
It’s a struggle to keep believing sometimes when there’s no money and no support but we believe in what we’re doing and still enjoy it so that’s what pulls you through.

Has there been one particular moment in your musical career that you`re most proud of?
Being nominated for the Mercury was good for our egos but the release of every album we do is also a special moment. It’s impossible to pick one!

If you could open up for any artists on tour right now? Who would it be?
It’s awful supporting anyone you really admire. the bigger they are the more their fans will hate you. I would like to open for a non-band for a change. Perhaps an Artist?

What do “hope” and “passion” mean to you?
It’s what you need a lot of to survive in music these days!