Occupanther - Photo Conny Mirbach

Photo by Conny Mirbach

OCCUPANTHER is the musical alias of Munich musician Martin Brugger. You might remember the previously on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION featured Down. It’s one of those musical monikers with which it’s almost impossible to decide if you really like or hate it, but at least the music itself is unambiguously good. OCCUPANTHER has a new EP out, including the song Hermit, which features guest vocals from TOBIAS PALERNE.

The first sound you hear on Hermit is a mechanised church bell, which shakes everything into motion before synth washes over the track, and a clicking beat nudges the action forward. The clicking beat is a bit misleading actually as it gives the song a slight jauntiness, which contrasts with Palerne’s melancholy-soaked vocal. The Chimera EP is out now on Humming Records. OCCUPANTHER plays Berlin Festival and Immergut Festival the upcoming weekend.