oh land

Danish wonder-girl OH LAND recently released the video for lead single Renaissance Girls before she will drop her third album Wish Bone on September 16th. On the exact same time she will kickstart her headlining US tour! She recently toured around Denmark with her acoustic Tusk or Tooth session which blew reviewers backwards and with a forthcoming album in sight she has made bloggers from all over the world scream for more!

Now another fan shows his support as lead single Renaissance Girls even gets some major pull by YEAH YEAH YEAHS’ Nick Zinner. He takes her somewhat eclectic and classy original version and polishes it with the YEAH YEAH YEAHS magic he possess! You can only love the majestic tempo he managed to show in his remix version! Only 169 viewers have found their way to the brilliant remix so be a hipster and stop by for a listen below!

If you’re into dreamy electronic with killer beats, you will for sure fall in love with both Oh Land and the Nick Zinner version from the start of the track. With tempting keys you will be guided right from your headphones to the world of Renaissance Girls – and that is really not a bad place to be! Nick and Nanna (OH LAND) is without a doubt a match made in heaven and therefore also Sound Of The Day on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION!