Oneohtrix Point Never

Posterboy, head and probably only remaining figure of the vaporwave movement, Daniel Lopatin aka ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER certainly has his own way of announcing new music. In a mysterious file he posted on his page earlier the experimental artist laid out traces to a blog on which an interview with him and an alien called Ezra can be found. In it there are, well, informations. But to boil it down at this point: there is something coming up assumingly to be called Garden Of Delete (G.O.D.) and it is probably a new album due to be out by November. The sound? Somewhere between cybermetal and hypergrunge. We’ll leave it like that, maybe you can figure out more by yourself.

Just like Lopatin’s last output as ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER, R Plus Seven, this new record will arrive via WARP Records. After two years without new music but support tours for NINEINCHNAILS and SOUNDGARDEN we are eager what to expect from him next.