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Some people have the gift of seeing beauty into the simplest. Alexis Vasilikos is one of these people. He manages to turn every little piece into something upper, into something precious.

The sunlight and the breath-taking landscapes are something common to a Greek. Alexis might have been lucky to hail from the country of the Olympian Gods, but it’s not just the model that makes a picture look perfect. As a world traveller and full time seeker of the intriguing, he cannot stick to one place. Vasilikos has an eye and a feeling for the unexpected. He captivates the unpredictable. Most of the times his photos feature a surrealistic and complex story. He surely is one of these photographers who prove the Chinese proverb right. Indeed, each of his photos is one thousand words. He’s daring and poetic. I think that ‘poetic’ is the right word to characterize his work. His work of depth and layers. You’ll catch yourself wondering ‘why did he do that?’ and trying to find out what’s the hidden message. Alexis Vasilikos models are usually the anti-heroes of the modern world. They usually appear lonely and unique. They are peaceful and embracing themselves exactly how they are. It takes bravery and strength to do that. But these heroes/anti-heroes, no matter what’s their age or background, don’t mind the rough sea.

In an era where we’re consuming fast-food art and fast-food values, Alexis Vasilikos is waiting for us at the other side of the World’s Perception. He’s holding a flash light and his camera and he wants to show us that being different worths more than being homogenized. You should get your feet into Alexis Vasilikos pool of spiritualism and highbrow-but-accessible art.

Alexis pick as a soundtrack for his Online Exhibition is from the Texan composer Pauline Oliveros. It is a very interesting pick and a great opportunity to say some words about this super special figure of Music. With her theories of ‘sonic awareness’ and ‘deep listening’ she got to combine psychology, martial arts state of mind and mien, rituals and meditation. Very, very interesting and someone that you should surely look up, if you don’t already know about her.

Now it’s your moment to meet with Alexis work. It’s about time to virtually stroll around this online room and find the messages that Alexis Vasilikos has hidden for us in his photographs. Enjoy!

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All photos courtesy of Alexis Vasilikos. Find him on his website & on his blog. You can also follow him on twitter and have a look at his magazine.