Owls 2014After a 13-year split, OWLS are returning with a full-length release in March 2014. The new album, titled Two, will be the band’s first collective endeavour since their acclaimed 2001 debut, and is set to be released on Polyvinyl records on March 25th. Two features the band’s original line-up – Tim & Mike Kinsella, Victor Villareal and Sam Zurick – who first got together to form cult band CAP’N JAZZ over two decades ago.

The four men have each been heavily involved in their respective side projects since then, but after a CAP‘N JAZZ reunion tour in 2010, they decided to collaborate together once more. Judging from the cover art of Two (which is almost identical to their debut record), not much has changed since the early 2000’s. As frontman Tim Kinsella affirms, “We really are still a grubby foursome with broken equipment and no money.” Check out Ancient Stars Seed from the new OWLS album below.