Pandreas - Ras - Artwork

Photo by Andrew Amorim

As the day fades and night settles in there’s a time of in-between. A time of twilight, of slowly preparing for the resting state of sleep. Norwegian producer Andreas Kleven Rasmussen, better known as PANDREAS, continuously delivers great soundtracks for this time of the day. A certain sleepiness is involved in his ambient electronica but there’s also always a certain notion of movement. Now PANDREAS presents yet another one of these tunes called Don’t Turn This Down The Isle. And for those who might wonder – it’s not a cover version of the 10 year old KENNETH ISHAK-song by the same name (although stated by us in a previous version of this article).

It’s a rather short piece of repetitive strums and pumping electronic beats that in its reverse-sounds simultaneously greets what lies ahead as well as what’s behind. Which seems fitting as it is part of a celebration sampler due to be released on December the 19th, called Northern Reexposure on which PANDREAS‘ record label SELLOUT! MUSIC revisits its own beginnings. Listen to the tune right here and prepare for the digital release of the whole sampler on Friday.