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Photo by Cat Stevens

With already four records in their back Welsh duo PAPER AEROPLANES are ready for a slightly polished return. The intimate, dreamy folk tunes that Sarah Howells and Richard Llewellyn have gathered a loyal fanbase for will be treated with a little more light and air on their upcoming new record Joy. In order for you, fellow readers of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION, to convince yourself of that little sound makeover we exclusively present to you a stream of PAPER AEROPLANES‘ new song called Books right here, right now, before the album will arrive on April 10th.

Books is indeed a lighter but in no way arbitrary, cheesy listening pleasure. Sarah Howells herself stated on the song’s creation:

Books started with a riff that had such an infectious feel to me that I knew it had to be a feel good song lyrically as well. It’s a song about giving ‘two fingers’ to the pressure that society puts on us to achieve and the stereotypes we’re meant to conform to. Whether it’s in work, relationships or just where we’re at in general. The ‘books’ in the song have a few different meanings for me. In some ways I see it as a song that would have helped me when I was in school, carrying my huge adidas kit bag of school books around and feeling like I would never grow into it or fit in with other people. It’s also because I read a lot of advice books in the last few years and getting to a place where I no longer replied on them for a mood lift came hand I hand with this song and lastly I just see the books as the short stories and shit that happens to us. It’s all part of the bigger ‚book’ that will make sense in the end.

As you can see: PAPER AEROPLANES might sound a little more positive on their new material but they still have something to say. So relax, have a jolly good time with Books and grow some excitement for the upcoming tourdates in Germany (find them below).

Paper Aeroplanes on More Tales From Britain-Tour

14.04. – DE – Frankfurt, Sankt Peter Café
16.04. – DE – Mannheim, Casino
17.04. – DE – München, Milla – Live Club
18.04. – DE – Essen, Café Nova
19.04. – DE – Köln, Studio 672
21.04. – DE – Hannover, Lux
22.04. – DE – Hamburg, Prinzenbar
23.04. – DE – Greifswald, Brasserie Hermann
24.04. – DE – Leipzig, Moritzbastei
25.04. – DE – Berlin, Crystal