Passion Pit - Press 2015

We previously reported about a new bunch of songs PASSION PIT mastermind Michael Angelakos released under his new company The Wishart Group. Turns out these 10 songs – who are now taken down from YouTube again – are a new album called Tremendous Sea of Love and you can actually get it for free. Well, if you help the songwriter support a good cause.

Lats week, Broad Institute neuroscientist Michael F. Wells took over the band’s Twitter account while visiting Capitol Hill to raise federal funding for science and research. One big aspect of Wells was discussing the issue of mental health, something Angelakos has been fighting for a while now. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION recently also addressed the issue right here. As we mentioned before The Wishart Group supports artists with legal, educational, and healthcare services.

The PASSION PIT leading man now said that you can grab a digital copy of Tremendous Sea of Love for free if you retweet one of Wells’ answers. Further details about how this will happen are currently still missing but someone was already kind enough to upload the whole thing on YouTube below. He also shared a letter about the record which you can read right here:

‘Tremendous Sea of Love is an album for us, for me and for you. Something happened when I started making music ‘professionally.’ What happened is I forgot how fun, how beautiful it was to share the version of music that was not the ‘product.’ When I say product I mean the b version of the song, or album that was done, finished, ready for a sale.’

Aside from that Angelakos stay productive as he already announced a new mysterious project called ayla which will arrive on May 17. Find a first teaser below his new album.