Peaches - I Mean Something


Electroclash artist PEACHES is back to shock us a little more in her new video for the song I Mean Something feat. FEIST. It’s the last track on her most recent album Rub and the song continues in PEACHES‘ provocative mannerly fashion to stand loud and proud for all the world to hear.

Why Should I Watch This?

The lyrics alone make the song something special. Now team that with burlesque legends Kitten Natividad, Satans Angel, Tiffany Carter, Dusty Summers and Shannon Doah hanging out at home, then a diner and then at a skater/pool party with comedian Margaret Cho in her furry penis outfit (the same from PEACHESDick In The Air video) presenting them with a boob cake –  makes the video a definite eye-catcher. And maybe also leave you wondering what you’ve just witnessed. Only downer is perhaps that the colourful FEIST features vocally and isn’t in the video. However, the other characters more than make up for it.

Anything Else?

Having just been on tour in Europe, no new tour dates have been announced yet. So all we can do for the moment is to either watch I Mean Something again or listen to PEACHES new album Rub on repeat and celebrate some sassy and confident music.