Peaches Rub 2


If there’s one thing PEACHES can do is spark conversation. If that’s always a good thing is for everyone to decide on their own. We’ve seen this woman party with retired burlesques stars in I Mean Somethinghaving Kim Gordon play her wrestling coach in Close Up and making performance aerialist Empress Stah shoot lasers from her butt in Light in Places. Now comes the creme de lá creme of WTF videos: Rub from her new album Rub.

Why Should I Watch This?

Be warned and proceed with caution. We mean it. PEACHES has really done it this time. There’s a lot going on in the video so the easiest thing to do is give you all a bunch of words (in no particular order) to give you somewhat of a picture: nakedness, women, party, sex, pubic hair, vaginas, masks, desert, orgies, penis, instruments, an assortment of bizarre characters and a horse. Quite honestly, best have a look for yourself – just don’t let her rub you the wrong way.

Anything Else?

After this video, it seems unlikely PEACHES can top this act. Come on, she herself called it “the most insane PEACHES video ever”. But who knows? Rub is the fourth single from her new album and there’s still a few tracks to go. Can we look forward to what’s coming? Provocation is great and all, but sometimes less is more. Still, it wouldn’t be PEACHES if she wouldn’t leave in suspense.