Philips Armin van Buuren DJ Headphones

The famous Dutch trance DJ and producer ARMIN VAN BUUREN and technology company PHILIPS teamed up to create DJ Headphones. The A1PRO/00, the A3PRO/00, and the A5PRO/00 hit three different price segments, from 99€ to 299€. One thing is for sure: these headphones give a high quality impression. But are they really as great as the first impression might make you think?

Well… it’s difficult. The smallest (and cheapest) model doesn’t give the impression to last very long. We have the feeling that they might break pretty fast. The two bigger (and more expensive) models are definitely more robust and made to last way longer. So from the stability point on we’d highly recommend to take a closer look at the A3PRO/00 and the A5PRO/00.

Soundwise Philips’ Armin van Buuren DJ headphones are OK, but at the same time not extraordinarily amazing. For these prices you surely expect nothing but a high-quality sound, right? Of course here the sound gets better depending on which model you have. The bigger, the better. Still even the A5PRO/00 are still not as perfect as they should be.

While having a good sound, especially the ‘biggest model’ of the series has another problem: a pretty high weight. Sure, weight is something subjective, but this is something you should clearly take care of if you want to get a pair of the A5PRO/00.

Rating: 3/5