PJ Harvey - Photo by Maria Mochnacz

Photo by Maria Mochnacz

Two months ago, we higly appreciated PJ HARVEY last full-length, The Hope Six Demolition Project. It is no surprise to see her continue the work she started  with the first two videos from it. The first one, The Wheel, was about investigating the lands of Kosovo and putting some light on the refugee crisis. The Community Of Hope, the second video, was a singular portrayal of America’s current decaying aspects, though finding brightness and hope in some part of it.

With the help of director Seamus Murphy, HARVEY now heads to Afghanistan to better illustrate the universalism she seeks through her works. You can find humanity, distress, injustice and hope in very different countries and situations, that’s the point of this interesting serie. Travelling between different afghan provinces, the video put much attention at telling stories of different characters that all represent a part of what Afghanistan is today. From civilians to western soldiers, PJ HARVEY and Murphy use the power of the video medium to tell things from a more irrational langage – a sensitive one – to offer people a different prism. One with which they can start adding new perspectives to their mind.