Platonick Dive - band - 2013

Yes, PLATONICK DIVE are amazing. This shoegazing postrock band from Italy made its way into our hearts by enlightening us with one dreamy track after the other. PLATONICK DIVE use the whole range of today’s digital and instrumental possibilities to let their play instinct run wild. Ambient constructions, guitars that carry you away and the slight use of voices produce a sound that is… just lovely.

Last year NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION streamed PLATONICK DIVE‘s debut album Therapeutic Portrait and named theme one of the best bands in Southern Europe. The cut out Træ was Sound of the Day, as we put it: ‘A song to dive in, to get lost in thoughts and get lost in reminiscences.

Nothing more to add to PLATONICK DIVE‘s latest output, a remix of EF‘s track Yield, heart. Yield!. The original version of Yield, heart. Yield! appears on EF‘s latest album Ceremonies. The remix is named Sound of the Night, the right music to close your eyes and dream away. Right now, right here. Fall in love with both EF (from Sweden) and PLATONICK DIVE (from Italy). When Northern perfection meets Southern perfection…