poétique électronic - The Imperfection Of The Human Being - ep cover

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION proudly premieres The Imperfection Of The Human Being, the new EP by electronic music / neo soul act POÉTIQUE ÉLECTRONIQUE.

POÉTIQUE ÉLECTRONIQUE started as a duo made up of Ben Auris and Moritz Gaudlitz. Ben Auris, a solo artist, has been writing, producing and performing for a couple of years and Moritz Gaulitz works as a DJ for electronic music, a music producer and journalist. When both met in Vienna, they started mixing their distinct musical styles as an experiment. The boundaries blurred, the two of them bringing in and fusing their own musical influences. The result: warm, deep synth sounds and percussive drum beats, combined with reverberating guitar tunes, finished with Ben’s rough, somewhat haunting voice.

Their musical project, POÉTIQUE ÉLECTRONIQUE, survived Ben’s move to Paris and in summer 2012 they released their first EP The Paris Session. In early 2013 POÉTIQUE ÉLECTRONIQUE reevaluated their position both musically and geographically. They moved to Berlin, recruited two new band members and recorded their second EP titled The Imperfection Of The Human Being (out May 30th 2013). Listen to The Imperfection Of The Human Being below.