Photo by Pascal Bünning

Photo by Pascal Bünning

At this year’s famous MELT! Festival, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION met the three hyped boys POOL from Hamburg for a quick but essential ‘Either/Or’-Q&A about all kinds of different things. So, it was decision-time for the up and coming group that released its debut album Snacks & Supplies earlier this year, delivering that amount of pop/rock indie anthems you just can’t help falling for. But do they also work as a unit when it comes to our questions? We gave POOL the options, sometimes quite easy, but sometimes also quite tough. Nevertheless, they’ve shared one opinion most of the time – a fact which shows that they work perfectly as a band.

Pop or rock?
All of them: Pop.

Indie or alternative?
All of them : Indie.

Madonna or Kylie?
David: Kylie.
Nils: Kylie.
Daniel: Madonna. Shit, I think we’ve got a problem.
David: Yeah Madonna…
Daniel: Just take her flows and actually everything. Madonna.

Studio or stage?
All of them: Stage.

Festival or concert?
Nils: Concert.
David: Open-Air concert.
Daniel: Yeah, open-air concert.

Hotel or camping?
All of them: Hotel.

Beer or wine?
All of them: Beer.

Old or new?
David: At the moment I’m on a ‘new flash’.
Nils: Yeah, let’s take new.

Cat or dog?
All of them: Cat.

Sweet or salty?
All of them: Salty.

Sea or mountains?
Nils: Sea.
David: Mountain lake.
Daniel: But sea is better.
David: We choose sea.

Winter or summer?
All of them: Summer.

Fun or seriousness?
All of them: Fun.

Hamburg or Berlin?
All of them: Hamburg.

Shared-flat or own flat?
Nils: We’re living in a shared one, so we take that.


Chocolate or gummy bears?
All of them: Chocolate.

Tea or coffee?
All of them: Coffee.

Evolution or creation?
All of them: Evolution.

Dolphin or shark?
All of them: Shark.

Club Mate or Fritz Cola?
All of them: Mate.

Paddling pool or swimming pool?
All of them: Pool.

Twirking or stamping?
All of them: Twirking.

Dating-app or traditional meeting?
All of them: Traditional.

Hope or passion?
All of them: Passion.