November the 25th will see the return of beloved British postrock band BLUENECK in the form of their new studio album The Outpost. As delicate followers of their career for a few years now we’e quite happy about the new material, especially after 2014’s full-length King Nile has been such a wonderful release.

Today NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is premiering From Beyond, the delicate opening track of The Outpost which will take you right into the musical microcosm of that new album. Of course, the cinematic approach remains the same but BLUENECK mix a few more electronic elements into their soundscape, resulting in a rich, progressive and powerful result. Here’s what the group has to say about it:

‘From Beyond is the opening track to the new album and is a slightly surprising whiplash of styles. We deliberately wanted to challenge peoples’ expectations of what a blueneck album should sound like, right from the off. So having this track right at the start should hopefully leave the listener thinking ‘anything is possible on this album….this could go anywhere’ …. which we think, given the diversity of the album, it does.’

That might be quite right. From Beyond is over six minutes of build-up with a truly epic finale, to say the least. Witness it now.