Photo: Susanne Bogren

Photo by Susanne Bogren

ECHO LADIES are a Malmö band comprised of Matilda Bogren, Joar Andersen and Mattis Andersson, who list bands like THE JESUS & MARY CHAIN, RIDE and SLOWDIVE. Those influences are certainly audible on their debut single proper, Close To Be Close To Me, a track that kicks off with a Just Like Honey-esque steady, slow drumbeat and then drags you into its shoegaze dreamworld. Twin guitars build waves of noise that wash over the track, and Bogren’s tender vocal gives it an uncommon sense of emotional depth. And we’re very happy to premiere the track itself and the video here on Nothing But Hope And Passion.

Of the video, the band say:

There was a production company that owed us a favour, so we called them up and said we needed a music video for our upcoming release and Karma struck. So we had a long discussion about the song. And since the song is about uncertain love, we didn’t want it [the video] to draw the focus away, but rather enhance the song. So we decided to let the video be a obvious music video and let the environment remain minimalistic.

On a early Sunday morning, we met in a industrial area in Malmö, Sweden. We were able to borrow a photo studio from a friend of a friend. With a tight timetable and a budget not worthy of mentioning. We had to be creative and find different solutions to finish the video, including how to be able to drop one hundred balloons from the ceiling. We worked hard to be able to meet our deadline and after a few hours we were done. This is the result and we are happy to give you our first music video!

Check it out below. Close To Be Close To Me is out on Hybris on November 16th, and if you’re as impressed as we are you’ll be keeping a close eye on ECHO LADIES in future.