Like A Funeral by crafted Swedish songwriter ERIK JONASSON has been one of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION’s favourite debut singles of 2016 so far and if you haven’t heard the track (which recently even managed made its TV debut via The Vampire Diaries) yet, please don’t hesitate to do so. If will definitely leave a mark on you.

Today we’re happy to have the talented young gentlemen back with the world premiere of his brand new single Autumn Falls. It might start as reduced as its predecessor but quickly surprises with an epic soundscape. We’re not afraid to even use the good old definition of ‘power ballad’ right here. It’s a powerful and melancholic anthem to embrace the cold autumn days but one that doesn’t sound shallow at all. Or to put it in his own words:

‘Autumn Falls is about change and how I try to prepare for it and at the same time grasp on to what’s left. It’s about the time before something you know is gonna happen happens and you don’t want to see the truth although a part of you know it is. And you realize that it’s nothing you can say or do to change that fact. To be a singer for me is also about being an actor – I don´t want to just sing a song, I want to make people feel.’

This gentleman is about to make some impact, that much is for sure. Witness Autumn Falls right here.