This week will see the release of Sad and Horny, the already fifth studio album by Swiss psychedelic folk songwriter Fabian Sigmund and his project FAI BABA. Originally started on his own, drummer Domi Chansorn joined Sigmund a while ago in order to bring the dynamic drive of the band’s sound right to the stage. And if you have the chance to experience them, we can highly recommend it. One opportunity might be the Tutti Frutti Fest 2016 in Berlin on December 10, presented by NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. Additional tour dates can be found below.

Today we’re happy to bring you a special premiere of a special performance. It’s Fabian Sigmund on his own, performing Lucky off the new FAI BABA album back at this year’s Maifeld Derby Festival. It reduces the track to its very essence, creating a haunting and melancholic atmosphere that will definitely help shaking off today’s Monday Blues, right? Watch the ‘Hauskonzerte Session’ right here.