While most artists uncreatively sing about the eternal theme of love in their songs, we always enjoy it when somebody decides to take a different direction. Berlin-based artist Sarah Dudda and her alter ego HELEN FRY are a perfect example here. As the restless pop-scenester studied industrial design her music often represents her fascination with combining the organic human soul with contemporary mechanical and technological possibilities. Her forthcoming debut EP Future Light Come is packed with stories based on that relationship. One song, for example, sees the songwriter asking to create an identical twin via a 3D printer. She is not afraid of the new possibilities and that’s one reason why her sound can be described as ‘music for technological domestication.’

Today, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to exclusively debut Plasticine, a track off that new EP. Recorded with her musical collaborator Rémi Letournelle (of SLOW STEVE), HELEN FRY delivers a gentle and dreamy piece of wave pop, one whose emotional core is always sensible and makes us long for more from this talented lady. The EP Future Light Come arrives on April 7 via Mansions And Millions and since she just returned from SXSW we’re pretty sure that’s just the start of something much bigger. She’s also performing a release show as part of the Torstraßen Festival Warm-Up on April 6 at Berlin’s ACUD so you are happily invited to join her right there as well.