We can’t help it but somehow that new song by songwriter Arshak Alozian and his project HORSHA ON THE MOON feel a bit as if it comes from a different time. All The Colors feels less like Chicago (were Alozian is based) but more like Manchester, 90s britpop and the glory days of groups like OASIS, THE STONE ROSES or THE VERVE. You know, stuff that could be signed to Creation Records.

All The Colors is a slow burning and quite traditional piece of shoegaze-infected rock and roll and NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is very happy to give you its global premiere right here. Here’s what the songwriter has to say about the song.

‘The second vocal part ‘If you fall into pieces, I’ll fall into pieces’ finally came about during recording. I always had an idea of going into that vocal pattern of some sort for the second part, originally having ‘Ladies and gentlemen, we’re floating in space’ in mind. As for the main vocal part, that came right out the minute the song was written.’

A full HORSHA ON THE MOON EP also called All The Colors will arrive digitally on November the 4th.